Max Linder: Father of Film Comedy

A biography on the French silent film comedian Max Linder (1883-1925), often regarded as the first movie star of worldwide stature.


188 pages.

Published by BearManor Media, 2017.

Softcover edition

Hardcover edition




Galleriets Avgud: Historien om August Schønemann

A biography on the Norwegian stage and revue comedian August Schønemann (1891-1925), Norway's most illustrious comedy star of the 1910s and early 20s.


127 pages.


Published through Kolofon forlag, 2018.

Available here

Note: the comic strip collections available below, named Ticklish Town, are (naturally) my own work. However, I have recently been made aware that there exists at least two comic strips / works on the web by essentially the same title (except they're called Tickle Town), both of which were made before my own strip saw the light of day... But I didn't know about them at the time.

As it feels much too late for me to change the title of my comic strip at this point, I do hope there's room for all of these comics. At the time I named my strip Ticklish Town, I simply wanted a catchy title, and didn't think that anyone had thought of using it for a comic before.

- Snorre Sm. M.

Ticklish Town Starring Marcel - Vol. 2

Another batch of Ticklish Town Starring Marcel strips, along with some "special features" not published online.


32 pages.

60 pages (Deluxe edition).

Independently published, 2018.

Softcover version available here

Deluxe hardcover version here (rather expensive!)

Ticklish Town Starring Marcel - Vol. 1

As the title suggests: the very first Ticklish Town Starring Marcel strips.


48 pages.

Independently published, 2018.

Available here

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