Max Linder: Father of Film Comedy

A biography on the French silent film comedian Max Linder (1883-1925), often regarded as the first movie star of worldwide stature.


188 pages.

Published by BearManor Media, 2017.

Softcover edition

Hardcover edition









Utvalgte urokråker

Selected cartoons/drawings, mostly from 2017-2019.


60 pages.

Independently published, 2020.

Available here


Note: the comic strip collections available below are named Ticklish Town; not to be confused with Tickle Town, a totally different comic strip by other creators (I didn't know about this other comic when I originally named my own comic below. I simply wanted a catchy title).

- Snorre






Ticklish Town Starring Marcel & Dretzel - Vol. 2

The latest batch of Ticklish Town Starring Marcel & Dretzel strips, along with some "special features."


32 pages.

60 pages (Deluxe edition).

Independently published, 2018.

Softcover version available here

Deluxe hardcover version here (rather expensive!)

Ticklish Town Starring Marcel - Vol. 1

As the title suggests: the very first Ticklish Town Starring Marcel strips.


48 pages.

Independently published, 2018.

Available here

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