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Dretzel & Marcel

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In 2017, I launched the comic strip Dretzel & Marcel online, and made about 70+ strips within the following year, which I then collected into two paperback books.


However, the strip did have a different title during these early years; a title which I've later regretted, and now think was quite weak. Thus, in the early 2020s, I republished the strip as Dretzel & Marcel, and had the two paperback books relaunched as such. In early 2023, all strips up to that time (including several strips not published before) were stacked together in the book Dretzel & Marcel. Everything. 2017-2022. See the shop section for more info on this.

If anyone should find any reason to refer to the comic strip, I'd appreciate if you'd use its current name, Dretzel & Marcel. (If anyone's curious; the name Dretzel is "borrowed" from an 18th-century German composer named Cornelius Heinrich Dretzel, whose work I doubt I've ever heard, I was just looking for some obscure name, that's all. Marcel just happens to be a name I like, and I think it fits the character well.)


All examples below from 2017-2022. If you like the strip, remember that many more are included in the aforementioned book (and the strips do, of course, enjoy much better resolution in the book than I decided to give them here).

Marcel                                           Dretzel

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