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Nobody’s remotely perfect, as the saying goes...

This page is dedicated to errors. More specifically, flaws which I’ve discovered too late in previous works of mine, and/or other things which I may feel a wish to clarify.

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In my book Max Linder: Father of Film Comedy, which BearManor Media kindly published in 2017, there are a few details which I’d like to have pointed out:

* In a footnote on p. 3, I use the word “surname” where it’d clearly have been correct to say forename.

* On p. 67, I write about the film Max’s Hat (1913) that “It’s in snippets such as this [film] that Max’s appeal is most glaring” – but it’d obviously have been more apt to use a word such as striking, “glaring” being a word with negative undertones, which was not my intention.

* Charles Pathé was 31 years old in 1894, not 37, as stated at one point in the book.

* Max Linder visited Charlie Chaplin’s studio as the latter was busy making the film The Adventurer (1917), not The Immigrant (1917).

* A more general observation: there are a few times in the book where I adopted a somewhat “ironic” or “tongue-in-cheek” kind of tone, such as when describing certain plots in Linder’s century-old films which may appear dated, or even problematic to modern audiences. I’ve since become more cautious about using irony in non-fiction writing, as it may not always translate so well in print. My point was that, if one can “accept” certain dated or, to modern viewers, problematic story premises in context of the time when these films were made, many of Linder’s comedies still stand as quite good.

Update, March 2023: the details above have been corrected / adjusted for future printings of this book (at least for the print version; hopefully the ebook too, by now).

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