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Writer / cartoonist from Oslo, Norway.

I write in Norwegian & English.

Non-fiction books

In 2017, I had the biography Max Linder: Father of Film Comedy (2017) published by BearManor Media, an American publisher who specializes in books about film/TV performers.

A year later (2018), I tried to get published a book in Norwegian, about the revue comedian August Schønemann -- but as I had no luck with any Norwegian publisher I talked to, I wound up publishing that book myself through a self-publishing service (Kolofon). However, in 2022, the American publisher BearManor Media expressed interest also in my book about Schønemann, so the book has been translated to English and is expected to be properly published in the fall of 2022.

Comic books

I've also made a few comics collections, as print-on-demand on Amazon, Utvalgte urokråker (2020) and Dretzel & Marcel: Complete Comics 2017-2018 (2022) -- the latter book is a compilation of my comic strip Dretzel & Marcel, which I'd previously (2018) published under a different title which I came to regret.

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